How to hire a below average employee in 10 easy steps!

So much has been written about how to recruit and hire exceptional talent but not everyone needs to hire great employees. Follow these steps and learn how to hire a below average employee.

10) Post an outdated job description for the position. Make sure it focuses on technical skills.

9) Spend little time with the hiring manager understanding what they are looking for? Why the position is open? Growth for the position? And why someone would want to work for them?

8) Post the job to your website or ATS and don’t bother asking for referrals from internal employees. Have candidates upload their resume and then fill out a bunch of questions that ask them about the same information that is on their resume

7) Let the applications sit for a couple weeks/months while you hope for better candidates to apply.

6) When interviewing candidates, treat it like an interrogation, not a conversation. Make the interview about the company and the position.

5) Provide little to no feedback about the interview until you are ready to make an offer.

4) Be sure to hire from outside the organization or else you will have to fill the position for the internal employee who got promoted.

3) Make the offer as low as possible but one that is still acceptable to the candidate.

2) Have no explanation other than a paycheck when a candidate asks you why they should work for you.

1) When you know you have a bad candidate, sell them to the hiring manager by calling them a “Rock-Star” or “Bad-Ass”!!!

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