Hire now or wait until the Spring?

It’s only the end of September but the 2017 hiring season is almost over. Your best chance to onboard new talent ends the week of Thanksgiving as there isn’t a lot of movement after that until people receive their performance bonuses in late winter/spring.

With that being said, it only gives you about 8 weeks to close out your more senior/critical reqs that need to be filled. Last week we spoke about hiring in a near full employment economy and back in June we we wrote about the ideal recruiting/hiring process in Biotech (it’s somewhat relevant to banking and engineering as well). Finding top talent has always been hard but recruiting in today’s economy is even more challenging.

Companies looking to fill critical positions before year-end will need to be firing on all cylinders, any weakness in your process could cost you the opportunity to hire the best candidate.

2017 has been a record year for us in terms of revenue growth and total revenue. We’ve placed dozens of FTE’s across the country, opened a contract/consultant recruiting division and expanded into Banking and Heavy Industrial/Engineering industries. If you are looking for exceptional candidates to finish the year strong, we might have the people you are looking for.

Paragon Search Group is a privately owned American recruiting firm specializing in permanent positions in BIOTECH (Process Development, CMC/Reg Affairs, Manufacturing, Project Management, Quality) and BANKING (Compliance, Risk, Credit, Audit, Marketing, Treasury) and MINING (Engineering, Project Management, Operations/Management: plant, underground, mine) for companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 50 throughout North America.

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