Biotech Recruiting Placements for 2015-2016

The biotech recruiters at Paragon Search Group filled the following positions over the past two years (2015-16). Candidates were placed in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Madison, Cambridge, Boston, Chicago, Raleigh, San Diego, Philadelphia, Tri-state, and Ireland.

  1. Executive Director, Process Development
  2. Sr Director, Process Development
  3. Director, Process Development (Numerous)
  4. Senior Scientist, Upstream (Numerous)
  5. Senior Scientist, Downstream (Numerous)
  6. Director, Technology Transfer
  7. Director, Biologics Analytical Sciences
  8. Analytical Scientist/Biologics Analyst (numerous)
  9. Protein Formulation Scientists (numerous)
  10. Research Formulation Scientists (numerous)
  11. CMC Project Manager of Product Development (numerous)
  12. Sr. Project Manager
  13. Director Biologics Manufacturing
  14. Manufacturing Associate (Cell Culture)
  15. Manufacturing Associate (Purification)
  16. IT, GMP Analyst
  17. Sterile Operation
  18. Supply Chain
  19. Director of Engineering
  20. Senior Technical Engineer
  21. Director Process Validation
  22. Process Validation Engineer
  23. Process Validation Engineer
  24. Equipment Validation Engineer
  25. Equipment Validation Engineer
  26. Research Associate (Validation)
  27. Clinical Development
  28. Pharmacology
  29. Biostatisticians
  30. Toxicology
  31. Director QA
  32. Research Associate QA
  33. Director QC
  34. EHS
  35. Sr Director Reg Affairs/CMC (numerous)
  36. Associate Director Reg Affairs/CMC (numerous)

Contact us today to see if our biotech recruiting methods and process could benefit your organization. We’d love to make some  key biotech recruiting placements for your organization.

Paragon Search Group is an American biotech recruiting firm specializing in permanent positions in Process Development, CMC/Reg Affairs, Manufacturing, Project Management, and Quality for companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 50.

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